The 500 word challenge: Day 4

Ok, I’ve been slacking.  I haven’t been writing everyday but I plan on getting better.  My theme this time is Abundance.  In particularly, God’s abundance.  The abundance of the Universe.  That’s alot and thinking about it God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it does do things in abundance.  Multiples. Bunches.  When it snows, the Universe doesn’t just throw down one or a few hundred flakes and call it a day.  No, it produces a multitude of flakes.  I guess if you are going to do something do it big or not at all.  That’s a nice mantra.  Do it big or not all.  Even our solar system is packed with a multitude of stuff.  There isn’t just a few stars but billions.  Not just one galaxy but thousands. So if this God is about abundance, then why do some people think He/She/It doles out stuff?  Stingy?  If I had access to everything and there was an unlimited supply of everything, well heck, I am the creator of everything then why be stingy?  I would be like, here take what you need and then come back for more!  So if this is the case, why is there poverty.  Why are people starving?  Homeless?  Jobless?  Why is there not plenty of plenty to go around?  Is it God’s fault?  Why aren’t other countries as “rich” as us?  What exactly is going on?  One reason could be is circumstances and conditions.  Every since and maybe even before we took our first breath we have been taught to react to certain conditions but conditions aren’t really real.  They are just the conditions, boundaries we place on ourselves and fellow human beings to be what we want our lives ( and theirs) to be.  Somewhere along the way we have been taught that no one should have more than me.  I should have the most than anyone.  If I do that makes me successful and useful.  So having more is part of our instinct to survive?  Having enough to survive is one thing but having more than enough is just wasteful.  God never intended for us humans to be wasteful.  That is why we makes plenty of plenty to make sure everyone has enough to survive.  Because some people take too much and doesn’t leave enough for others.  That could be a reason or two why there is poverty, homelessness, and unemployment.


Author: mygatheringplace2015

Blogs about my spiritual journeys and stuff.

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