The Challenge.

Day One of the 500 words challenge.  I am suppose to write 500 words a day.  Just write whatever comes to mind and not stop until I hit 500 words.  Didn’t sound that hard when I accepted, but now, 500 words are a lot.  Why did I want to do this.  For some reason I wanted to learn how to blog.  I liked writing when I was in school but school was a long, long time ago.  I use to write about different stuff, mostly compare and contrast.  I use to keep a diary.  No big deal alot of young girls did.  I tried to write fiction once, don’t know why I didn’t finish. Mostly I like writing about my take on things, what am learning, observations, things like that.  I am at 135 words now.  What got me interested in writing again?  I just started volunteering as a language and reading coach in a GED/ESOL program and realized that I am asking people to do something I don’t do myself.  That’s not fair.  Didn’t Buddha say something about don’t tell people what to do, show them.  Maybe that wasn’t him but I like the message.  Why ask people to do something I won’t do.  Those who can’t – teach – usually turn out to be lousy teachers. The best way to teach is to lead by example.  And sometimes leaders are not always up front and even if they were it would be pretty hard to see what they are doing?  And if you can’t see what they are doing how are you suppose to learn?  To be a teacher is to be a leader or visa versa.  Either way they go hand in hand.  I desire to be both.  An expiring teacher and effective leader.  I don’t know about life coaching.  I would like an online business.  Maybe life coaching/counseling/ mentoring.  I glad grammar and spelling doesn’t count in this challenge. Even though I’m using spell check.  I like teaching.  Too bad I got talked out of it while I was in school.  No money in it my parents said.  Do something that will last, you don’t have worry about losing your job because of budget cost.   Since they were paying the bills for awhile I did what they said, even though I was not happy.  So I quit school.  When I decided to go back I paid the bills.  It felt good.  It felt right.  It was too late to get a teaching degree.  So I thought at the time but now I am making up for it.  I am at approximately 400 now.  I am too focused on the number of words right now, and in time that will fade and allow the purpose of this exercise to emerge.  I am getting tired now.  Long day at work.  I really would like a job that allows variety or switch off to a different task when the current one gets boring or frustrating, but bosses want you to keep focused.  Sometimes that is hard to do.  Successful people learn how to stay focused.  Effective leaders know how to keep their focus.  By the end of this challenge I will know how to stay focused.

Infused 7: A Groundbreaking Young Living/Oola Collaboration from Young Living on Vimeo.


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