The 500 word challenge: Day 9

Since this is the 10th day of the challenge I decided to edit some of my earlier works.  Everything, even myself, is a constant work in progress.

I have finished reading Charles Fillmore’s book, Prosperity from the Unity Classic Library series and now I have an understanding of what is true prosperity.

Prosperity is not just about money, riches, and treasures.  It’s not about the accumulation of material things, such as cars, furs, and houses.  It’s not all about what money can buy.  It’s about seeing the wealth in what you already got, not in what you might get or don’t currently have. What it is about is establishing habit patterns in my life, especially in how I think about wealth.

In other words, why am I not getting what I want, but other people are?  How come we make the same amount of money and you live better than me?  Reason is conditioning.  I was raised to think and react in certain ways according to certain situations, for example when it came to money, I was taught that there is always going to be “more month than money” and I learned to always complain about the bills when they arrive and the lack of money to pay them because that is what my parents and the other adults in my life always did.  Those two things seem to be a mantra in my house growing up, hearing my parents always complaining about bills, cost of things, and the lack of money afterwards.  So I figured that is the way life is meant to be lived and when I started out on my own I continue this mantra of lack.  What did it get me? More lack of money and things. Fillmore refers to this as the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  He also explains there are several Universal Laws governing our lives but for now I am concentrating on this one.  He states it as how one thinks affects how one lives. Here I now began to pay close attention because I’ve heard other New Thought teachers refer to this law.

As long as I am in the habit of thinking of lack, I will created lack in my life, but once I started thinking about the abundance of the Universe (God) I began to experience abundance.   I am now in a practice of thinking about how I live in an abundant universe with an abundant God and God doesn’t play favorites.  God gives generously and equally to everyone.  God isn’t miserly and gives in part or portions. God gives it in multitudes, for instance, when it snows or rains, there isn’t one flake or drop and be done.  No, there is an infinite number of flakes and drops, so much so, that, especially living in the Midwest, I get tired of looking at the snow and wish it would go away.  And on the tail end of this abundance I need to remember to always be grateful, not because God will stop or take it away but to remember how and why this is all possible.

Don’t know exactly why it works, but it does.  My paychecks are lasting longer.  My debts are melting away and my online businesses are catching fire.  As long as I remember this, my attitude and perception begins to change.  What did I do to remember this?  Change my mantra to “…seek ye first the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Luke 12:31 KJV).


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