The 500 word challenge: Day 3

Starting to be more focused.  This time begin with a theme.  A theme.  Searching…still searching…Ah, here’s one.

Appreciation.  Someone asked me the other day if I liked appreciation.  I had to think about that for awhile.  At first pass I would say yes.  Who wouldn’t, but then since I’m on this path of spiritual enlightenment I would have to say no.  Why can’t there be a happy medium?  Appreciation is a human condition.  We humans thrive on it.  We desire it.  We crave it.  Isn’t appreciation the main motivation of why we do stuff?  We like to be recognized for stuff we do, say, and teach.  In a way it makes us more connected to each other, it’s like saying, “hey I see you and I like you”.  I don’t see anything wrong with that unless it is taken to the extreme where it becomes addictive.  Can live without being appreciated.  I don’t exist nor have a meaning unless someone appreciates me.  This is where the spiritual part comes in.  Do others make me exists?  Do I really need someone else to appreciate me in order to be a part of society.  Can I still be someone without constant accolades from another human being?  For me, I am learning that the answer to this question is No.  If I truely believe I am a creation of the Absolute Power then I am automatically appreciated by this same Power.  Not only did it create me, but also appreciates me.  So if I listen or depend on what my fellow humans are saying then I am giving them more power than the Almighty and that doesn’t seem right then on the other hand if I want/desire to get along and live in harmony with my fellow humans then I should appreciate what they have to say and welcome their appreciation of me.  So once again, where is the balance?  For me it is in my Faith.  I know my God appreciates me and that will never fail.  My fellow human’s appreciation of me will wane and wax and because of that I do not rely or expect accolades from them but every now and then it does feel nice to be recognized and appreciated by my peers.  It like having chocolate sauce on top of my ice cream.

Even though the above is probably less than 500 words, I must say it is becoming easier to write, and now the hard part is to write without editing.  There that should be 500 words.  Later ya’ll.


Author: mygatheringplace2015

Blogs about my spiritual journeys and stuff.

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