The 500 word challenge: Day 6

Themes seem to be working for me.  Seems like it is easier to come up with 500+ words when I have a topic.  The topic today is …my friend, Hannah.  Well not really about Hannah per se but what she has taught me about living life.  Life from a Miniature Pinscher perspective.  The first lesson she taught me was to try everything at least once and if you find something you enjoy, do it again.  From this lesson I lost a pair of shoes, several book covers, and her wicker dog bed.  Yes, she ate her bed, but I gained a new perspective on life; how do I know I will not like something until I try it.  The next lesson is never turn down a challenge.  Miniature Pinschers (Min Pins) do not know fear or if they do they don’t let it be known.  My little girl has a very deceiving bark.  It’s very deep.  People who have heard her bark without seeing her first have ask if I have another dog (which I do but doesn’t bark as much as Hannah).  They are amazed at her size and comment that they thought the dog they were hearing was twice her size. And because she is unaware of her size, she challenges dogs which are much bigger than she (Hannah weighs about 15 lbs and stands about 12ins).  My lesson, you may win or you may lose but at least you tried.  Next lesson, teach people how to spoil you.  Min Pins are easily spoiled, like to be spoiled and know how to manipulate you into spoiling them.  I had to learn how not to spoil Hannah and Hannah learned how to get me to spoil her.  I think she won.  From this lesson I am learning how to “teach” others how to treat me better by treating and respecting myself better.  You know, lead by example.  Jesus said to Love my neighbor as much as I love myself and when people see how much I respect and do for them, they will return the favor.  The last lesson, create a life balance between food, sleep, and fun.  Isn’t this what life is all about anyway.

Not 500 words this time but a good start of a rough draft.


Author: mygatheringplace2015

Blogs about my spiritual journeys and stuff.

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