The Challenge: Day 7

Ok, so this is day 7 and I’m beginning to relax a little.  Now to start focusing more and do a little editing.  Hopefully start to come up with some rough drafts to develop.  This weekend I traveled to Indianapolis to hear the Dalai Lama speak in person.  It is something everyone should experience once during their time here on earth.  One of the things he said still resonates with me and hopefully will continue to for a very long time.  He said that all the world’s faiths carry the same basis:  Love – Compassion – Forgiveness.  No matter if you are Christian, Moslem, Buddhist, all our faiths are founded upon these three things.  These three things are what we all strive for, to be loved, to feel compassion, and seek forgiveness so that we may feel love and compassion again.  So why are we killing each other?  Why is one religion better than the other?  What happen that we have lost our compassion for one another?  Throughout history wars have been fought in the name of God, but nothing really has improved.  Did God really give his permission to kill in his name?  Why would God do this?  That does not sound right does it.  If all the world’s faiths, religions carry the same basis wouldn’t that mean that somewhere back in the beginning there was only one religion – one faith -one God?  And then the element of human ego had it is way.  But not necessary ego but maybe free thought.  No two people have the exact thought.  Everyone has their own take on things and then a debate begins to boil and ego emerges instead of compromise.  It could of happen something like,  you are wrong and I’m right and everyone who thinks like me or wants to think like me let’s go over here and ignores those people over there that don’t think like us.  And then over time we forget about those people over there and figure the rest of the world thinks like me until we encounter those people and discover they don’t think like me and how dare they don’t think like that.  Well I think you get the picture.  We can’t all think the same way.  If we did then we would never learn anything nor would there be anything to learn.  We would just be walking around like Zombies or something.  That’s no way to live.  But if you were thinking aren’t we all suppose to be compassionate, forgiving, and loving?  Isn’t that thinking alike.  I would have to say No.  Our faith is based in compassion, love, and forgiveness.  Our thoughts are fed by those things.  We can still have individual independent thoughts  which spring or grows from the basic three something like a planting 3 kinds of fruit trees next to each other.  All three trees are planted in the same soil, receives the same amount of sun and water and yet able to produce fruit after their own kind without any competition, worry, distress that someone will like the other tree’s fruit better.  And what is if that does happen, that people eat more from the apple tree than the cherry tree doesn’t make the cherry tree any less important.  Remember that (especially me) just because someone doesn’t think like me doesn’t make them nor their thoughts any less important.  Love my neighbor as much as I love myself.  Treat everyone with compassion (life isn’t always easy) and have faith that God does know what He/She/It is doing.




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