The Challenge: Day 8

And life goes on.  Didn’t really understand the meaning of that until a random series of events took place in my life.  Yesterday a coworker who has been with the company for 24 years decides to quit.  His reason for quitting was to be a stay at home dad and help take care of his recently widowed father, but what I noticed is what happen after this coworker said his good-byes and left, life went on.  We went back to whatever it was we were working on and life went on.  A few weeks ago I attended a funeral service for my uncle and what caught my attention then was after the funeral procession had made its way through the streets, traffic resumed as if nothing had happen and life went on.  A few months earlier a woman was struck and killed while crossing the street in front of my house.  I didn’t witness the accident but was diverted from the spot while the police were finishing up their investigation.  Several blocks away from the crime scene, life goes on.  Arriving back home several hours later it was like nothing happened, life continued on.  In the case of my coworker in a few weeks it will be like he never worked there.  For my uncle and the woman that has killed after a few weeks it was like they never existed. Makes me wonder why do the things I do if life goes on after I take (or expel) my last breath.  Did I make a difference?  Did I serve a purpose?  Is this what life’s really all about?  Life itself doesn’t stop, pause, or hesitates, it keeps going.  So what is the point?  Actually it is not a point but a dash.  That dash that appears between the birth date and the death date, what that dash represents is what matters.  The things I’ve done, the people I’ve met, the things I’ve accomplished.  But more than that is the dash is a symbol of the present moment.  How I am living life now. What am I experiencing now.  Someone once said that as long as someone is thinking about you you have the ability to live forever.   So whenever I think of my coworker or my uncle or the woman who was killed ( I never met her nor know what she looks like) they are still are a part of this life.  They are a part of my dash.  In fact, we are a part of each others dashes.  So yeah, life does go on…for me because of them.  Because of what they added to my dash.


Author: mygatheringplace2015

Blogs about my spiritual journeys and stuff.

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