From my Facebook page.

Scrolling thru my feed, I see there is a lot of discussion about the latest shootings. I tried to purposely stay out of it trying to get a positive vibe going that people are basically good, but I keep thinking about what if one day I get a call that one of my cousins, like Paul or Walt, was shot by the police for just getting his wallet out his pocket and what kind of world will my younger cousins like Joel & Jaylen will live in that they can no longer trust their fellow man, especially the police. I keep thinking about the kids at church, like Riley and Jonathan, and how we are teaching them that we are all the same in God’s eyes, but in reality we are not the same in the eyes of those who are sworn to protect and serve. I keep thinking how come it has escalated to this point? This has being going on for years (remember Rodney King in the ’90’s) and now it seems like “police shootings gone wild”. How to keep a positive spin on the latest shootings? Some will say to take it to God in prayer which is well and good but not enough. It is time to take action. It’s time to stop playing the “victim card”. As long as we act like victims we will be treated as such. We are no longer victims of the White man’s plan because now we make our own plans. Let’s show the world who we are truely. We as a race have proven we are capable of doing whatever we set our minds to. We’ve become CEOs, lawyers, doctors, astrophysics and even president. As Sabrina Thompson has said let’s start paying closer attention to the politicians and get more involved with the government. Let’s get back to getting involved with each other by becoming more involved in community and neighborhood events. Let take this fight from the streets and into the courtrooms and boardrooms. Let’s us show the community that we are not a physical threat but a force of change. Let’s stop shooting each other and the police officers and let’s start treating each other with respect, compassion, empathy, and forgiveness. Let’s start teaching each other how to get along with each other. Let’s keep the positive vibe going that people, even the police are basically good.


Author: mygatheringplace2015

Blogs about my spiritual journeys and stuff.

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