The 500 word challenge: Day 3

Starting to be more focused.  This time begin with a theme.  A theme.  Searching…still searching…Ah, here’s one.

Appreciation.  Someone asked me the other day if I liked appreciation.  I had to think about that for awhile.  At first pass I would say yes.  Who wouldn’t, but then since I’m on this path of spiritual enlightenment I would have to say no.  Why can’t there be a happy medium?  Appreciation is a human condition.  We humans thrive on it.  We desire it.  We crave it.  Isn’t appreciation the main motivation of why we do stuff?  We like to be recognized for stuff we do, say, and teach.  In a way it makes us more connected to each other, it’s like saying, “hey I see you and I like you”.  I don’t see anything wrong with that unless it is taken to the extreme where it becomes addictive.  Can live without being appreciated.  I don’t exist nor have a meaning unless someone appreciates me.  This is where the spiritual part comes in.  Do others make me exists?  Do I really need someone else to appreciate me in order to be a part of society.  Can I still be someone without constant accolades from another human being?  For me, I am learning that the answer to this question is No.  If I truely believe I am a creation of the Absolute Power then I am automatically appreciated by this same Power.  Not only did it create me, but also appreciates me.  So if I listen or depend on what my fellow humans are saying then I am giving them more power than the Almighty and that doesn’t seem right then on the other hand if I want/desire to get along and live in harmony with my fellow humans then I should appreciate what they have to say and welcome their appreciation of me.  So once again, where is the balance?  For me it is in my Faith.  I know my God appreciates me and that will never fail.  My fellow human’s appreciation of me will wane and wax and because of that I do not rely or expect accolades from them but every now and then it does feel nice to be recognized and appreciated by my peers.  It like having chocolate sauce on top of my ice cream.

Even though the above is probably less than 500 words, I must say it is becoming easier to write, and now the hard part is to write without editing.  There that should be 500 words.  Later ya’ll.


The 500 word challenge: Day 5

For those of you not familiar with this the challenge is to write at least 500 words a day for 31 days.  The purpose is to strengthen your writing skills, exercise your creative muscles, and just develop a habit of writing everyday.  The real challenge is not to edit.  Just let the words flow out.  You don’t have to make sense nor stay on point.  What I’ve discovered from this is how to let go of the fear of writing.  Especially in a public forum as this.  It is easy to write in a personal journal that nobody sees, but then nobody never learns about me.  Who I really am and think.  You ever get mad at someone because they don’t understand and how could they when I don’t tell them who I am?  Fear is a crazy thing.  It has the power to save your life or destroy it.  It can cause changes that would have never taken place any other way.  Sometimes I look forward to the fear, as in riding a rollercoaster or waste no time getting away from it, as in leaving a burning building.  Either way once you get on the other side of it and feel that sense of….Life, aliveness.  Not the feeling of survival but of true pure life flowing through by body, energizing my senses, a knowing there is, I have a purpose in this world.  Don’t know exactly what it is yet but I do know I need to be here for it.  Again, fear has a way of pushing me to be my best, to do better, to get better, to help me figure who this is I am suppose to be and remind me life is good.  Why am I so afraid of letting people know who I am?  Because for so long I allowed people to define me and I decided to live up to their standards.  No more.  I am tired of being unhappy and unfilled.  Now I am true to myself and now I am happier than I ever have been.  And in turn I am happier around others.  Why? because I feel like I am no longer hiding, that people can really see me.  Before I felt not like a person and I wasn’t really because I wasn’t being me.  What cause this change or what is causing this change?  Good question because it is not just one thing more like a combination of things.  It’s like a cook trying out different recipes to find the one that inspires her to come up with her own.  For me, it about  awakening to my spirituality.  My relationship with God.  I’ve been studying and reading about all kinds of religions and beliefs for years and now I’ve come up with a blend that works for me.  All the religions of the world  have the same premise:  Be nice to each other and yourself.  Once I learned to be nice to myself, being nice to others was easy and nothing else really matters.  One way to be nice to others is to stop telling people how to live their lives.  To paraphrase Jesus:  Love God with everything you got and love your neighbor as much as you love yourself.  On this hangs all the laws of the prophets.  Namaste ya’ll.


The 500 word challenge: Day 4

Ok, I’ve been slacking.  I haven’t been writing everyday but I plan on getting better.  My theme this time is Abundance.  In particularly, God’s abundance.  The abundance of the Universe.  That’s alot and thinking about it God, the Universe, whatever you want to call it does do things in abundance.  Multiples. Bunches.  When it snows, the Universe doesn’t just throw down one or a few hundred flakes and call it a day.  No, it produces a multitude of flakes.  I guess if you are going to do something do it big or not at all.  That’s a nice mantra.  Do it big or not all.  Even our solar system is packed with a multitude of stuff.  There isn’t just a few stars but billions.  Not just one galaxy but thousands. So if this God is about abundance, then why do some people think He/She/It doles out stuff?  Stingy?  If I had access to everything and there was an unlimited supply of everything, well heck, I am the creator of everything then why be stingy?  I would be like, here take what you need and then come back for more!  So if this is the case, why is there poverty.  Why are people starving?  Homeless?  Jobless?  Why is there not plenty of plenty to go around?  Is it God’s fault?  Why aren’t other countries as “rich” as us?  What exactly is going on?  One reason could be is circumstances and conditions.  Every since and maybe even before we took our first breath we have been taught to react to certain conditions but conditions aren’t really real.  They are just the conditions, boundaries we place on ourselves and fellow human beings to be what we want our lives ( and theirs) to be.  Somewhere along the way we have been taught that no one should have more than me.  I should have the most than anyone.  If I do that makes me successful and useful.  So having more is part of our instinct to survive?  Having enough to survive is one thing but having more than enough is just wasteful.  God never intended for us humans to be wasteful.  That is why we makes plenty of plenty to make sure everyone has enough to survive.  Because some people take too much and doesn’t leave enough for others.  That could be a reason or two why there is poverty, homelessness, and unemployment.

The Challenge.

Day One of the 500 words challenge.  I am suppose to write 500 words a day.  Just write whatever comes to mind and not stop until I hit 500 words.  Didn’t sound that hard when I accepted, but now, 500 words are a lot.  Why did I want to do this.  For some reason I wanted to learn how to blog.  I liked writing when I was in school but school was a long, long time ago.  I use to write about different stuff, mostly compare and contrast.  I use to keep a diary.  No big deal alot of young girls did.  I tried to write fiction once, don’t know why I didn’t finish. Mostly I like writing about my take on things, what am learning, observations, things like that.  I am at 135 words now.  What got me interested in writing again?  I just started volunteering as a language and reading coach in a GED/ESOL program and realized that I am asking people to do something I don’t do myself.  That’s not fair.  Didn’t Buddha say something about don’t tell people what to do, show them.  Maybe that wasn’t him but I like the message.  Why ask people to do something I won’t do.  Those who can’t – teach – usually turn out to be lousy teachers. The best way to teach is to lead by example.  And sometimes leaders are not always up front and even if they were it would be pretty hard to see what they are doing?  And if you can’t see what they are doing how are you suppose to learn?  To be a teacher is to be a leader or visa versa.  Either way they go hand in hand.  I desire to be both.  An expiring teacher and effective leader.  I don’t know about life coaching.  I would like an online business.  Maybe life coaching/counseling/ mentoring.  I glad grammar and spelling doesn’t count in this challenge. Even though I’m using spell check.  I like teaching.  Too bad I got talked out of it while I was in school.  No money in it my parents said.  Do something that will last, you don’t have worry about losing your job because of budget cost.   Since they were paying the bills for awhile I did what they said, even though I was not happy.  So I quit school.  When I decided to go back I paid the bills.  It felt good.  It felt right.  It was too late to get a teaching degree.  So I thought at the time but now I am making up for it.  I am at approximately 400 now.  I am too focused on the number of words right now, and in time that will fade and allow the purpose of this exercise to emerge.  I am getting tired now.  Long day at work.  I really would like a job that allows variety or switch off to a different task when the current one gets boring or frustrating, but bosses want you to keep focused.  Sometimes that is hard to do.  Successful people learn how to stay focused.  Effective leaders know how to keep their focus.  By the end of this challenge I will know how to stay focused.

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The 500 word challenge: Day 9

Since this is the 10th day of the challenge I decided to edit some of my earlier works.  Everything, even myself, is a constant work in progress.

I have finished reading Charles Fillmore’s book, Prosperity from the Unity Classic Library series and now I have an understanding of what is true prosperity.

Prosperity is not just about money, riches, and treasures.  It’s not about the accumulation of material things, such as cars, furs, and houses.  It’s not all about what money can buy.  It’s about seeing the wealth in what you already got, not in what you might get or don’t currently have. What it is about is establishing habit patterns in my life, especially in how I think about wealth.

In other words, why am I not getting what I want, but other people are?  How come we make the same amount of money and you live better than me?  Reason is conditioning.  I was raised to think and react in certain ways according to certain situations, for example when it came to money, I was taught that there is always going to be “more month than money” and I learned to always complain about the bills when they arrive and the lack of money to pay them because that is what my parents and the other adults in my life always did.  Those two things seem to be a mantra in my house growing up, hearing my parents always complaining about bills, cost of things, and the lack of money afterwards.  So I figured that is the way life is meant to be lived and when I started out on my own I continue this mantra of lack.  What did it get me? More lack of money and things. Fillmore refers to this as the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.  He also explains there are several Universal Laws governing our lives but for now I am concentrating on this one.  He states it as how one thinks affects how one lives. Here I now began to pay close attention because I’ve heard other New Thought teachers refer to this law.

As long as I am in the habit of thinking of lack, I will created lack in my life, but once I started thinking about the abundance of the Universe (God) I began to experience abundance.   I am now in a practice of thinking about how I live in an abundant universe with an abundant God and God doesn’t play favorites.  God gives generously and equally to everyone.  God isn’t miserly and gives in part or portions. God gives it in multitudes, for instance, when it snows or rains, there isn’t one flake or drop and be done.  No, there is an infinite number of flakes and drops, so much so, that, especially living in the Midwest, I get tired of looking at the snow and wish it would go away.  And on the tail end of this abundance I need to remember to always be grateful, not because God will stop or take it away but to remember how and why this is all possible.

Don’t know exactly why it works, but it does.  My paychecks are lasting longer.  My debts are melting away and my online businesses are catching fire.  As long as I remember this, my attitude and perception begins to change.  What did I do to remember this?  Change my mantra to “…seek ye first the kingdom of God; and all these things shall be added unto you.” (Luke 12:31 KJV).